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If you would like to sell your used machine tool quickly and smoothly, we would be happy to be your reliable partner. We are always interested in purchasing used CNC machines for our warehouse. We evaluate your used machine with in-depth specialist and market knowledge and give you a fair bid to purchase the machine. We pay fair market prices for your used CNC machines. We guarantee you a smooth transaction on both the practical and financial side. Our experienced team will take care of the dismantling and loading at your location. We are constantly looking for good used machines, especially used Mazak machines as well as other high-quality machine tools from other manufacturers. Please contact us if you would like to sell your used machine. We will purchase your used machine directly for our warehouse. This means we can react quickly and don’t have to find the right customer first.


Would you like to sell your used machine?

We would be happy to assist you as a reliable partner in selling your CNC machine.
Using specialist and market knowledge, we evaluate your used machine and make a fair bid for the purchase of the machine.

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